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What makeup do you put in the corner of your eye?

Are you a bit uncertain about how to remove the makeup to your eyes? Ok, you are only a few moves removed from applying eye makeup like a professional.

The colors you use make a huge difference when it comes to put makeup in the corner of an eye. Eyeliner and mascara are placing the finishing polish on the entire theme.

First of all, pray to God to enable you grow a better appearance in your latest company. Putting God first with everything you do is going to make it easier.

Applying eye makeup may seem tiny, but God is God, and He cares for our needs as much as our desires, no matter how large or low.

Next, you may need to select the right shades for your eyeshadow. If you have got blue eyes, you ought to get various shades of gray.


When your eyes are black, you would need a number of shades of rusty gray, cherry, and brownish gold. When you have got dark hair, have all the colors of green, bright violet, and red.

Get different shades of gold, greens, turquoise, browns, and pinks for hazel colored eyes. Hazel’s blue eyes are accented by nearly every hue in the continuum. Matching your skin color with the right color of your eye shadows can help your eyes show dramatically.

Then take the darkest hue and place it right over the top of the eyelid. Next, put your medium shade in the brow bone above your lid.

Finally, place the lightest hue directly under your brows. Your lightest hue would be a little brighter than the rest of the eyes. Make sure that each color is merged with each other. Blending gives you a cool finished feel.

You will always place the darkest colour, the same one added to the top eyelid, on your bottom lip. Treat your eyeshadow applicator as if it is an eyeliner pencil.


You should have place your lightest colour, which was added under your eyes, in the inner corners of the bottom lip. Care to handle the applicator to add glitter to the corner of an eye.

Your next move will be to get a black eyeliner pencil to trace a line through the lashes of the top lip. Blend the line you have just drawn in with your eyeshadow to create a more natural look. And draw a very thin line on the bottom of the lids.

Next, take a mascara that lengthens and thickens the lashes and apply two to three coats of it to the eyelashes. Once one coat has dried, apply the next coat of mascara.

Your last move will be to brush your neatly cut eyebrows and fill any areas that need to be filled with an eyebrow pencil.