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What causes black spots under eyes?

dark circles under the eyes

Growing dark circles under the eyes can be a big problem. These unsightly objects will render you seem needlessly exhausted even though you are genuinely well-rested.

Worse, these dark eyebags will bring a few years to your age. Who would like to appear older than they are (not to mention tired-looking) anyway?

A large number of studies have been dedicated to this issue and, sadly, the findings have not really been beneficial to some men. This is especially true of how these dark spots under the eyes grow and what they do.

Unfortunately, many things cause black spots under eyes are beyond our grasp. However, this does not mean that we are powerless and that we cannot do anything about the condition.

There have been alternatives to dark spots varying from medicinal to DIY, and there should be an alternative that fits you.

Of course, the dark eye bag treatment option will depend on a number of variables, including time, budget, and willingness to commit to a remedy.

But before we talk remedies, let us first look at any aspect that is known to trigger dark spots under the eyes.

As described earlier, there might be something that triggers dark circles under the eyes that others do not even have power over.

This is heredity, guy. Unfortunately, dermatologists believe that the unnecessary volume of skin pigmentation that allows the lower regions of the eye to darken is a trait that may be passed down through generations of families.

Individuals of Mediterranean heritage usually have this trait, where their area below their eyes has a blue-black color due to deep pigmentation on the dermis sheet.

Many individuals do not even have a problem with skin pigmentation. The form of your face, which is, of course, something you might have acquired from your father, will lead to a dark shadow under your eyes.

skin pigmentation

A deep hollow in the inner corner of your eyes will cast a shadow in the corner of your eyes, which goes to the lower field. So, you may look like you have got dark pigmentation around eyes all the time.

If inherited is what induces dark shadows under the eyes, then seek the more natural remedies to relieve such dark circles.

With eye creams and other cosmetic remedies, you are not guaranteed a definite and long-lasting solution to this problem without spending a lot of money and effort.

Eye creams that bleach the region under your eyes, so you will have to use them diligently if you do not want your dark circles to come back.

With natural solutions, you are not going to have to spend a lot of money, and you are just going to have to do minimal effort and resourcefulness.