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Review Policy

World on my Shoulders gladly accepts products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Unless compensated as a disclosed sponsored or advertorial post, we exercise full independence over product reviews. Receipt of a product, whether solicited or unsolicited, does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product or for the substance of any content produced that discusses the product.

While World on my Shoulders attempts to accept only products of interest in hopes of lessening negative reviews, neither sites guarantees a favorable review, or any review at all. Reviews are done based on honest assessments of the products and content will not be provided for preapproval by PR representatives or brands, nor will reviews be edited after the fact based on requests to do so. Products that wish to impose such limitations will not be accepted for review but may be eligible for inclusion as a sponsored post with compensation. Editorial turnaround time is currently 6-8 weeks from receipt of a product.

Advertorial and Sponsored Posts

World on my Shoulders occasionally includes compensated advertorial or sponsored posts. All such posts are disclosed as being sponsored or advertorial in the post. All links in such posts must carry a rel=nofollow tag and all posts must be disclosed as sponsored. No exceptions.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

World on my Shoulders at times make use of affiliate links and run advertisements for various companies.  We do not accept products for review that seek to restrict our use of affiliate links or advertising.

Receipt of Product Not Contractual or Compensatory

All products received are deemed to be gifts/commercial samples that do not form a contract for review and are not deemed to be compensation for any content that is written.