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Best eyeshadow color for green eyes

There is a real order to choose the colors of the eyeshadow. Next, select from a variety of shades that will match your skin color.

And make sure they suit the hue of the skin and eyes. Eventually, test whether the shadow of the eye goes with your clothing.

When choosing best eyeshadow color for green eyes, remember that the goal is to make your eyes stand out.

So, choosing a shade of green that is exactly the same as your eyes is a definite no. You want to choose the shades that match your green eyes.

green eyesThe biggest contrasts to green are the colors that come from the opposite spectrum: the opposite side of the color wheel.

Good contrasting colors are purple eyeshadow green eyes. If your eye color is lighter green or lime, try a lighter pink and purple shade of eyeshadow.

If your eyes have more blue-green or emerald tones, you could experiment with plum, purple, and blue purple.

Yellow is next to green on the color chart, rendering it a complimentary rather than a competing shade. And golden eyeshadow will look gorgeous with green eyes.

When you have selected a variety of eye shadow shades that compliment and contrast your green eyes, you just need to make sure they suit your skin tones.

Natural blonds tend to have a lighter complexion. If you are, seek lighter shades of plums, purples and apricots.

So, you might want to use forest or khaki greens. As long as it is a particular hue of color on the eyes. Not the goal of the eyeshadow at all!

The safest approach when you are searching for a fresh color scheme is to use various shades (including demos from a beauty store) to see what fits.

choosing best eyeshadow

The smokey eye is one style that rarely goes out of fashion. You want to keep this look discreet for a natural blond with a fair complexion.

This can even be achieved by using more grays and browns than strong blacks. Black can be too heavy a comparison for fair skin and blond hair to handle.

Looks at the eyeshadow

You should use a shimmering eyeshadow with a little sparkle for an evening theme. Iridescent eyeshadows will attract focus to the eyes and light up for an extra bit of glamor.

If you have fine wrinkles around your eyes (a common thing as you age) it is best to stay with a matt eyeshadow. Shimmery eyeshadow will actually accentuate wrinkles and wrinkles in the skin around your eyes.