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What hair color brings out green eyes the best?

We sometimes try to adjust the color of our hair, but are scared to pick the wrong hue or to make the dye into a flop. Let me trust I can inspire you so that you never have to go through it again.

First, you need to know your hair type, then you need to create a picture in your mind of what you want your hair to look like after coloring it, and only then will you be able to make a good decision about which color you want to use.

Once you go to the hair salon, consider these factors as they will help you to choose best hair color for green eyes:

choosing the hair colorHave a look at the picture you have in mind, and ask yourself: do you want all your hair to be solid, one color, or do you want multiple tones?

A straight forward, single hue is defined as a monochromatic colour, and other other shades are classified as brightness or low light.

Highlights are a way to brighten up the base colour, they are often added to the top of your head and to frame and brighten your profile.

Low lights are added on deeper colors than the base hue, giving dimension on the makeup, making it look lighter as you put on the lower layers of your makeup.

The advantage of having low or high-lights done is that it looks more natural, and you do not have the problem of the outgrowth where your old color grows.

Another option to die your hair is to add bright color highlights, popular colors are blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, etc, but I do not advise those colors if you are working in a professional firm.

Choosing the hair color for green eyes that fits you

Select a color that complements the face, and the eye will appear normal. Red and copper colors are very common, but the drawback is that they seem to fade, so these colors need frequent touch-ups.

Deeper skin tones will have vivid brown and red shades with deeper low lights.

Golden skin tones should use deep reds and auburns, excluding vivid yellows, oranges and light golds.

Pink or fair skin will carry dust, honey and neutral colours.

You should also lighten the color of your hair when you grow older and turn gray hair with color and thus prevent coloring your hair too often. Permanent or non-permanent color of hair?