World on My Shoulders currently has leaders in east/central Texas, the Bronx, D.C., Kansas, and Ohio.


Julia Walker is a late thirty year old single mother of two from Texas. She is a babywearing educator, writer, and maintains a heavy online presence in the babywearing community. Julia founded the groups Counterculture babywearing and CCBW reviews with Elena Ruiz of Wrap in ASL. She is a coadmin of several groups including babywearers of color and babywearing love and support. Her outreach focus is getting carriers into the hands of the multimarginalized, particularly low income survivors of abuse. Her work includes cultural competency advice to companies and individual fit consults. Julia is available for speaking engagements, personal fit consults, and general babywearing education.



Anastasia West is a babywearing educator, model, vlogger and entrepreneur from Guyana, currently in the Bronx. Her volunteer focus is underserved communities, particularly women of color. She runs and owns the store Attached.






Hess Stinson is a writer, activist and volunteer in the D.C. area. Because she is a parent of two, she focuses on programs benefiting the world from a parenting angle. She co founded the group R.A.I.S.E., Raising Activists in Solidarity and Equity.






Autumn Brundige is an advocate focusing primarily in body positivity and indigenous women’s rights. She co admins several Facebook groups , including Base Love. Her blog,, features extensive reviews of carriers, primarily wraps.




Carolina is a single mother of two. She is dedicated to helping mothers who are domestic abuse survivors and/or low-income caregivers. A postpartum doula and babywearing educator; Carolina is passionate about promoting gentle parenting in her Bronx community. Through Attached, Carolina also plans and organizes babywearing and positive parenting meetups.




Tae’s personal experience as a parent dealing with the ins and outs of Akron Children’s Hospital has led her to empowering other families to advocate for themselves and their children. As a married mother of three with two living – one of whom is disabled – inclusivity and local community are incredibly important. As a result, Tae creates space for both through a number of outlets: the local babywearing group, a new parents of color parenting group, and her organization TEAL. Currently, she is also working towards a number of licenses and trainings – CLC, CPST, doula, notary, and marriage officiant – in order to offer more services and aide in and around Canton, Ohio.


 Jamillah is a single mother and owner of Ariya the Mermaid and Vibrant Alchemy. Her community work for Mount Vernon/Westchester, New York is done through her organization Vibrant Mamas. An advocate for vaccine choice, breastfeeding, and babywearing; Jamillah also spreads her knowledge of herbalism, aromatherapy, holistic family wellness, and holistic pregnancy throughout her community.

”I’ve been doing service for the communities I’ve lived in all my life. From buying holiday gifts for families in need to gift cards for the homeless to monetary donations and whatever else i can offer up to and including education.”