Thank You

Below is our original thank you list. Working now on a total list of donors in our history.
THANK YOU to everyone who has ever helped us!

Thank you to these individuals for the carriers that they donated:
Carrie Henery, Sarah Jensen, LeighAnne Soefje, and Lisa Carter

Thanks to these companies for supporting WoMS:
Bugglet Baby, Babylonia USA, and Soul Slings

Thank you to these friends for financial support along the way and giving up carriers and/or cash to get this going:
Dania Reyes, Kandace Harris, Elena Ruiz, Angelique Geehan, Isreal Jean Holland, Yoonjin Kim

Thank you to those who bought and traded carriers with us along the way. Thank you to everyone who supported the ideas that I have, especially those in attendance of the Crash Course with Arie Brentnall at blossoming mama in Houston, Texas. Being able to process out loud finalized my decision to expand this from a one person operation to what is happening now.

And thank you, for visiting the site and hopefully sharing the link!