Q: What does WoMS do?
A: provide baby carriers and demonstrations on usage, give away free supplies (reusable – menstrual cups, cloth nursing and menstrual pads, tampons, and diapers,) toys, self care kits, gift cards, referrals to other organizations, assist with financial needs (when we have funding), lead peer to peer support groups, help victims safety plan AND flee, provide multiple doula services, and attend court as support systems.

Q: What else does WoMS do?
A: We hold freestores where everything in the question above is given away after being taught, Julia does speaking gigs on our outreach model, and we make some of the homemade goods sold on our webstore.

Q: Do I qualify for help?
A: Are you a caregiver? Low income? Domestic violence victim (ever)? If YES to any two of those, you can be served by us.

Q: How do I contact you if I qualify?
A: Email Julia Walker or message us through our the World on My Shoulders Facebook Page.

Q: Are you a 501c3 nonprofit?
A: Yes, as of June 2016.