This past two weeks shook some members of our society to their cores. Others are shocked, and some validated in that what they have been speaking against revealed itself to be more than a figment of imagination and being.

World On My Shoulders gained a new source of validation and drive in the face of our recent government actions.

Many people are frightened, angry, frustrated, hopeless, and unsure but our recipients found themselves at that place before our most recent election cycle.
Although we as a people tend to be resilient and persevere, great change can weigh on many since the systems of oppression have overarching and personal effects on every facet of our lives.

Now is the time to come together and create a community of healing and change to fight the setbacks that we have taken as a nation. World on My Shoulders exists so we can help our recipients avoid what may be the worst moments of their lives. Parental support is extremely important and so many factors play into the parenting of people of color, immigrants, disabled and LGBT community members.

WoMS leaders came into this work because our communities needed for it to be done. Before we had this name, all of the existing WoMS leaders – Julia, Hester, Autumn, Anastasia, Carolina, and Jamillah shared what little we had in hand plus our first-hand knowledge of how to access the necessary resources when in poverty, single parenting and/or when planning to leave domestic violence.

We aren’t technically educated – none of us have degrees but we continue a legacy of women of color self-educating in order to not only survive but thrive.

This black history month we honor the women that risked their livelihoods for the sake of helping others. In the spirit of Harriet Tubman, WoMS workers give all of themselves for the good of their communities to afford parents the gear and support they need.

We need help now though!
As an organization, we are at a crossroads.

We filed for and received our 501c3 status with the intent of being able to apply for government and private grants that will not try to edit our work, and to garner donations from individuals in order to function.
But now, our recipients are suffering and our bank account is empty.

On January 9th, we launched Mission: Possible – our 2017 annual giving campaign. The campaign is a reflection of the refinement of World On My Shoulders’ mission and aims to raise the year’s operating budget within the first quarter.

So, please consider donating so that we have enough money to help the most vulnerable by helping their parents.

Another way to help is by purchasing from our webstore. All sales from our webstore go directly to members of various marginalized members of our society so that they can gain access to immediate support; and you patronize businesses dedicated to intersectional community workers with hearts for social justice.

Mission: Possible Launch

Mission: Possible is our 2017 campaign to raise the year’s operating budget within the first quarter.
2016 exceeded all our possible expectations. Our goal was to serve 100 people, and at the close of 2016 we served 1,100 caregivers and children. Landing so exponentially beyond our goals demonstrated three things:
1) The services we are providing are desperately needed.
2) There is no turning back. People are looking to and counting on us.
3) We need greater financial stability in order to properly serve our communities.

Support WoMS today by –
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What is a pledge?
A pledge is a commitment to donate. Often times, people want to donate more than they can at a specific moment. A pledge demonstrates that desire and commitment. A pledge can be just about anything: $5 a month, $500 a month, $5,000 next quarter, $50,000 in one lump sum – whatever you, the donor, can and want to do.



It’s up to y’all really what we make.
If we can get commitments to orders for one of a kind and items of a series (like our mermaid femme dolls) then we will produce them but we price them not very much higher than cost so cannot make many at a time without solid commitments!!

We have expanded so quickly.

Year end total numbers coming soon!!

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