The Work Continues

While our Founding President Julia is still in Houston; our other work continues.

All funds received since 5:33pm Central on 8/27/17 noted with “Eviction” have been designated to our Eviction Prevention fund.

All funds received since 5:33pm Central on 8/27/17 noted with “Harvey”, “Hurricane”, or expression of support have been designated for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

All funds received since 5:33pm Central on 8/27/17 with no notations, have been designated for Hurricane Harvey Relief.
FROM THIS POINT FORWARD; unspecified funds will be directed to our General Fund. Which may be used for anything that serves our mission.

Being in a state of crisis doesn’t necessarily require a natural disaster. Losing one’s job. A rent hike. Car problems. Being sick. All these things can spin a person into a crisis – especially someone who is living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck and missing work because you’re too sick? Literally too sick – cause a lot of folks go into work when they’re still sick cause they can’t afford not to. Imagine how that can throw off your carefully calculated paycheck-to-paycheck budget. Missing a day of work can mean having to choose between eating and paying rent.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck and having car problems? Losing one’s primary mode of transportation can be devastating. It can lengthen commute times to work and have really challenging complications for childcare; and equate with a loss of income. (see above about being sick).

Living paycheck-to-paycheck and having your rent hiked? You can’t just up and move to someplace less expensive. If your own rent is being raised, chances are there is no place less expensive; and living paycheck-to-paycheck means you don’t have first, last, and security deposits to put down anywhere else. So now, you have to worry about threats of eviction because you already know where every penny goes and there aren’t enough pennies for more rent.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck and losing one’s job? Given all of the above, this should be pretty self-explanatory.
The point is – people all over the country encounter crises everyday. Poverty itself is a national crisis that doesn’t get the attention and aide it requires.

The mission of World on My shoulders is to address these issues and support people coping with, surviving through, and thriving in Capitalism.

A devastating loss – while different for everyone- is still devastating.

WOMS has received more donations – in volume and quantity – than we’ve ever had in our history; yet, the eviction needs from last week remain unfilled.

We have people to the tune of $313 and $1,061 (plus a third recipient who has reached out just this morning) all in need of eviction prevention assistance.

So please help us. Our Hurricane Harvey fund needs to continue to grow. The aide needed in Houston will cost millions; and we will aide those who will never see a penny from larger organizations. Still, right now on top of that, we have to continue to address the needs of others. We still need to provide total/holistic care for our other recipients.

So help us. Take the lead and fulfill the needs of our other recipients who are experiencing their own crisis. They may not have been destroyed by a hurricane; but they were still devastated by the things impacting their lives.

Unspecified donations will be directed to our General Fund.

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