Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

World on My Shoulders (WOMS) and Black Women’s Defense League (BWDL) have been fielding phone calls since last night from activists in Houston. They’ve been telling us what they need and how we can support them. These are people in and serving underserved communities that will likely go unsupported by relief efforts of more well-known organizations.

We will be going in when the roads clear, which is likely going to be Wednesday.

These are the needs in order of importance:
$1,500 to facilitate aide efforts
Hazmat suits
Trash Bags
First Aid Supplies
Bottled Water
Non-perishable Food items

Diapers (all sizes)
Children and Adult Hygiene items
Toilet/Tissue paper
Children’s uniforms (unisex)
Children’s clothing/shoes (unisex)
School supplies
Women and Men clothing/shoes (Unisex jumpers)
Baby Carriers

Donate $:
Please note “Hurricane Harvey” on your donation.

Shipping address:
World on My Shoulders
PO Box 6576
Tyler, TX 75711

For DFW Area Drop-Off Points:
Call BWDL @ 828-REVOLT-0

EDIT 8/29 @ 9:45 am CST:
All donations received since this post went live were assumed to be for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  <3 We’re requesting any other donations still coming in be noted as “Hurricane Harvey.” Thank you!  <3

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